As mentioned before, all products from Avvare are vegan approved which means that all materials used are from organic origin, recycled, sustainable and cruelty free, which means, no animal has at any point in the process, been involved in creating our products.  This is a vitally important vision at Avvare, plus creating an awareness around it, because it is a big passion and goal for us, that all of our collections are in harmony with these standards, that we see as ethically and morally correct.  We mean that vegan approved fashion is the wave to a healthier and more aware future - and we are delighted and proud of our mission to follow this wave.


All products from Avvare is made from 100% organic cotton and recycled materials.  This is a conscious choice and a choice that we will always stand for.  At Avvare we always strive to be as healthy and natural to our planet and ourselves, and by using only natural and recycled materials we make clothes that are very comfortable, super soft, looks amazing and is good for your skin due to no added chemicals.  Besides this big factor, which we are convinced no one can resist, is that organic cotton is a much more sustainable solution for the environment.  The production itself and the making of the material is made with no harming chemicals and with much fewer machines.  This also creates a better and safer environment for the farmers and there families.  To sum it up: a natural product which benefits everyone.


Besides our organic materials we also use recycled materials.  Recycled polyester, which is our mostly used recycled material, is mainly made out of plastic bottles and partly old fabrics.  To make the new fabric, the plastic bottles and fabrics are cut into smaller pieces.  After that the pieces are melted into small chips and blown into polyester staple fiber.  The new fibre is then woven into yarn to create a durable and breathable fabric.  This means a material, that has already had a purpose, is created in a new form in our collections.  In this way old and used materials don't go to waste and no new materials need to be produced to create our clothes at Avvare.  We also recommend you to send your old clothes to recycling, so it again can have a new purpose and we can do full circle.  Who knows if it one day will come back to you in a new form.


We at Avvare can not make it more clear how important it is to also do it better today than we did yesterday.  We strive to develop the absolute healthiest and best, sustainable and stylish collections for you and our planet.  This also means that our journey of developing and learning is ongoing.  The more we learn and the more we develop our concepts, the better and healthier collection we can create to achieve the most sustainable solution for all of us.


We find it very important to expand our collaborations to get new perspectives and views, to help us develop as a brand.  Therefore we love our partnerships all around the world, who all have the same vision and passion as us: To create an environment in the fashion industry that has big focus on health, sustainability, animal welfare and of course comfortable and stylish clothing.