Avvare is a clothing brand based in Northern Denmark, that creates comfortable, stylish and inspiring clothes. Avvare is about making you aware of who you really are and who you wish to be.  All products from Avvare are vegan approved and made of organic, recycled, sustainable and cruelty free materials.  It is our mision to inspire everyone who hears about Avvare, sees Avvare and wears Avvare, to be the best version of themselves, just like we want to be the best version of Avvare.

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The inspiration behind our clothes is based on our concept of a healthier, more sustainable, wealthier and aware livestyle.  Through research we have come to the conclusion that the healthiest for us humans, the planet and everything else living on this planet, is to live in the most natural way as possible.  Meaning, using natural materials without any added chemicals, minimize the use of machines in all aspects of the process and never to exploit animals for our benefit.  And like that we become more aware of our outer world, which we show through our conscious choice of fabrics and colors.  Avvare wants to go deeper and expand our awarenes around our inner world.  It may seem far away, but it could not be any closer.  This we express through our quotes and sayings printet on our clothes.  This way we unite our awareness of our inner and outer world, and all of that in the most comfortable, stylish and softest clothes.  We are sure, that everyone who wears Avvare will be inspiret and will inspire others.


It is not a coincidence that the logo of Avvare is an hourglass.  Let the lower half-part represent the past.  You can see the sand, and you know how much there is.  This is everything you have ever done, and everything you have achieved so far.  Let the upper half-part represent the future.  This part you don't know anything about.  You cannot see the sand, and you don't know how much there is left.  This leads us to the most important part, and the most important part of your life.  The small part in the middle where the sand runs through, where the past meets the future.  Now.  The present.  This is everything you have.  This is everything we all have, and the reason why it is so vitally important that we dont waste it.  The logo reminds you of this everytime you see or wear Avvare.  Live in the present.